Make no mistake that ISIS Agenda is to take over the World by carrying out barbaric acts of mass executions, atrocities of beheadings, abducting girls as sex slaves and conscripting child soldiers to fight for them.


In one single day ISIS massacred 1,500 Iraqi soldiers from the Camp Speicher military base, formerly run by the US. Women is particular attack and kill female doctors, lawyers, among other professionals. But with ISIS they do not discriminate, they kill children at will as well. Nothing is sacred. They are commiting genocide unlike any other terror group in history who have absolutely no conscienceness for human life.


ISIS captures hundreds of women at a time – transport them to other countries like Syria for a reward or profit and in turn funds their terrorist actions.

ISIS is a terror group that makes Al-Qaida appear as Choir Boys. ISIS is commiting systematic war crimes in Iraq and in a dozen countries which they hold control. Their barbaric war crimes include mass executions and beheadings every day. They publicize their actions to install fear across the world and this has proven to be extremely effective. They are even extremely smart in evidence of their recruitment procedures seen in the west.


But if the West claims to represent the values of civilization, we cannot stand by and spectate while a few thousand Islamic fanatics that grow in numbers every day slaughter innocent people at will.

The future looks uncertain and bleak. The peoples of all the Western nations may wish that we were led by stronger and better statesmen, when hard and bitter decisions must be made.

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