Terrorism promulgated by Social Media

I was disgusted to to find that social media like Facebook and twitter are allowing Terrorist groups to manifest its war against humanity, More troubling still is the fact that these companies already know how to police and remove content that violates the law.isis_facebook_closed

Every major social media network employs algorithms that automatically detect and prevent the posting of child pornography. Many, including YouTube, use a similar technique to prevent copyrighted material from hitting the web. Why not, in overt cases such as beheading videos and calls for blood, employ a similar system? Indeed, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook all strictly refuse to police content – instead relying on third parties, mostly users around the world, to flag objectionable material. But the constant torrent of new content is not a burden that can be practically managed by the crowd — any more than companies expect users to serve as the prime monitor for child pornography.

Yet past is prologue. The world, with each lamentation of “never again”, has cursed its failure to stop Rwanda’s deadly broadcasts. A furious Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations, once complained that the US “refused to use its technology” when it could have. A Harvard University study found that jamming the broadcasts could have saved tens of thousands of lives. The Islamic State’s campaign of incitement is definitely reminiscent of Rwanda and as the example of Rwanda now as then, exploiting sectarian hatred can quickly turn deadly on a massive scale.


These companies have a moral obligation to do more and US law should not create a legal barrier for them to act when lives are on the line. Greed is the only motivating factor besides ignorance for people like Mark Zuckerberg and his ilk and should be held responsible for their actions. Terrorist and their cells in our own country are busy and plotting terrorist actions 24/7. They use social media platforms to recruit, hack and disseminate your vital information while caskets are manufactured by the thousands and being filled with American lives and their allies. For terrorism, a clear win.

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